brave girl

her eyes filled with tears, but drew kept her head up high. she just looked at him, standin at the window. he couldnt see her tears, and years made her learn to strong her voice, even if all braveness has already left.

christins hands were shakin, even her chin. she hadnt drews strength, and the tears ame down her cheeks as waterfalls.

jason tried to reach her eyes with such entreaty, but drew made her heart ice cold. he begged shed say anything.

"dont mind me! just go on. im just gonna grap some clothes."


26.6.08 10:41

there was a time when a strong bright girl used to believe in love.

My Prince will come - It's certain as the sunrise.

she felt thered once be a handsome man to show her the world.

her agile eyes used to see the world as such a perfect a place.

but there should come a time when she learned to know better. 


26.6.08 09:56


hey guys. this is my personal diminishing world. its where i gonna lose the weight i need to. its much, but once ill reach the sky.
do not judge about me, and also do not follow my rules if ur not already addicted to losing weight, acquainted to pro ana/mia ..
im not gonna assume responsibility for any consequences readin my page could have. its up to u!
nice ur here though!!! love, w. <3

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