b: 1 schüssel müsli
l:  1 smaller table of grandfather's dishopas gekochtem
d: 1 piece of bread
snax: tops 1 piece of cake

b: nothing
l: nothing
d: salad
snax: none

b: nothing
l:  nothing
d: 1 gern
snax: apple

b: nothing
l:  nothing
d (at a friend's house): 1 table
snax: tomato

b: preferably nothing
l:  1 egg white + 100 g spinach + 1 small potato
d: nothing
snax: cucumber

b: 1 apple
l:  250 g rice
d: 1 l cola zero
snax: none

b: 1 l cola zero
l:  75 g noodles + 100 ml stock
d: nothing
snax: peas


hey guys. this is my personal diminishing world. its where i gonna lose the weight i need to. its much, but once ill reach the sky.
do not judge about me, and also do not follow my rules if ur not already addicted to losing weight, acquainted to pro ana/mia ..
im not gonna assume responsibility for any consequences readin my page could have. its up to u!
nice ur here though!!! love, w. <3

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